The Independent Panel of Advisors on Peacebuilding Architecture led by Lt. General (Rtd) Daniel Opande met the National Cohesion and Integration Commission Commissioners led by the Rev. Dr Samuel Kobia CBS on 22nd September 2023. The aim of the meeting was to have NCIC submit their recommendation in the ongoing Peacebuilding Architecture Review that seeks to streamline peacebuilding in Kenya. Addressing the meeting the NCIC Commission Chairman Rev. Kobia thanked the IPA for the work that they were undertaking to ensure a concrete report on peace building is submitted to the President. He said, “Peacebuilding activities and programmes in the Kenya are largely un-coordinated. It is therefore, crucial to have a National institution that serves as a coordination center. NCIC’s previous work has demonstrated leadership and coordination in various ways. NCIC has developed and implemented the following policy documents that continue to provide policy and strategic direction on social cohesion and peace work in Kenya”.

(NCIC Chairperson Rev.Dr. Samuel Kobia and fellow Commissioners together with the Independent Panel of Advisors(IPA)on the Peacebuilding Architecture on 23rd September, 2023 during their visit at the Commission Headquarters.)

Speaking in the same meeting, General Opande congratulated the Commission for its steadfastness in ensuring that Kenya remains peaceful and cohesive beyond the electoral cycles.

“We acknowledge the role the NCIC is doing across the country, we note with appreciation that NCIC is known by all Kenyans in as far as matters peace and cohesion is concerned,” said Mama Shamsa Abubakar the IPA Vice Chairperson. She however reiterated that the public do not trust the Commission hence the PBA recommendations will contribute towards strengthening of NCIC and well coordination of peace and cohesion in Kenya.

Present in the meeting were other IPA members that included Sheikh Abdullahi, Mr Muktar Ogle, Mr Benson Owiti and Ms Irene Tulel. Aslo present was the National Consultant undertaking the PBA review Dr. Mwachofi Singo. From NCIC the Chaiman was joined by Commissioner Dr Danvas Makori, Commissioner Eng. Hon Philip Okundi EBS HSC, Commissioner Hon Dorcas Kedogo, Ag Commission Secretary Mr Harrison Kariuki and members of NCIC secretariat

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