The National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) hosted Mang’u High School for a sensitization session at the Commission headquarters in Nairobi on 5th July 2024. The purpose of the visit was to induct the students into the works of NCIC, principles of good governance in the public sector, and the Amani Club program, a collaboration between NCIC and the Ministry of Education.

NCIC Principal Program Officer, Ms. Jessica Otieno gave the students an overview of the Commission, its programs and activities. Additionally, she expounded on the national goal of education in Kenya, emphasizing on the promotion of social equality, responsibility, sound morals, and religious values.


Senior Program Officer, Ms. Hadija Mohamed shared with the students the Amani Club Manual; Cultivating of Peaceful Co-existence in Learning Institutions. The objective of Amani Clubs is to promote understanding, tolerance, and acceptance of diversity in all aspects of society. The Club also encourages the use of peaceful means to resolve conflicts and disagreements. Additionally, strive to enhance good character and self-discipline among the youth, empower them to handle life challenges peacefully and become responsible citizens.

Mang’u High School students during their visit to NCIC on 5th July 2024


In his closing remarks, student leader, James Muuo said the practical experience was a great asset to their academic work and it provided them with an insight into the workings of public institutions. He said they were inspired by the commitment and dedication of the officers and their passion for national cohesion and integration and appreciated NCIC for their warm hospitality.

The visit was beneficial to the students, as it provided them with an opportunity to gain a better understanding of the Commission and to interact with what they were learning. By understanding the values of peace, harmony, and equality, the students would use these values and promote them in their communities.

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