About Us

Interpeace is an international organization that prevents violence and builds lasting peace. We have 27 years of experience working in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

Violent conflict tears apart societies and colors all relationships. Interpeace builds trust as the glue that bring societies back together.

Many solutions to conflict do not last because they are imposed or do not take fully into account the views and needs of those who are most affected. Interpeace works to have solutions designed and led locally from the grassroot communities to the most senior decision-making levels.

In the heat of conflict, it can be difficult for people to see what connects them to others, rather than what drives them apart. Our approach seeks to help different parts of society come together to identify and harness their common strengths for sustainable peace.

Everyone’s contribution to peace matters, especially the International Community together. Interpeace therefore also supports others by offering fresh thinking and expert advice about peacebuilding.

Our mandate

Interpeace’s mandate is:

  1. To strengthen the capacities of societies to manage conflict in non-violent, non-coercive ways by assisting national actors in their efforts to develop social and political cohesion.

  2. To assist the international community (and in particular the United Nations) to play a more effective role in supporting peacebuilding efforts around the world.


Our mission

Interpeace is dedicated to building lasting peace by reinforcing the capacities of societies to overcome deep divisions and to address conflict in non-violent ways. We are rooted in local realities, drawing strength from an alliance of national teams with a long-term commitment to building peace in their own societies.  We believe in the wisdom of listening, the power of participation and the strength of informed dialogue to build understanding and trust – the foundations of peacebuilding.


Our values

  • Peace is about resolving conflict without violence.

  • Respect for local culture and belief in the power of local capacities, ideas and solutions.

  • Trust between people is a critical foundation for lasting peace.

  • Integrity in ensuring that we are principled, forthright and sincere.

  • Participation is key as active interaction transforms relationships.


Our working principles

As we work to support the mission of the organization, we adhere to a number of principles that govern our work. We focus on being:

  • Consultative, inclusive and decisive.

  • Respectful, underlining the belief that the quality of personal interaction is as important as its substance.

  • Disciplined and results orientated.

  • Learning orientated and knowledge based.

  • Balanced in our information sources and approach to gender, culture and age.

  • Transparent, honest and sincere.

  • Objective by creating and protecting a neutral space.

  • Caring and empathetic.

  • Pioneering in seeking new and better ways to be effective.

Contact Details

National Cohesion and Integration Commission

Britam Towers, 17th Floor, Hospital Rd, Upper Hill

P. O. Box 7055-00100 Nairobi

Telephone Contacts

0702 777 000


Toll free SMS : 1547

Facebook: National Cohesion and Integration Commission

Twitter: NCIC_Kenya

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